John was brought into Data Clean 6 months before I started with the company. A PE sale had just happened, and a sales platform was needed ASAP. In that short period of time, John stepped in and set up the “bones” of the sales platform. John’s “bones” platform would rival many companies’ full platforms. I walked into the organization with a fully developed sales process, meeting cadence, beginnings of a strategic sales plan, and a 1on1 coaching model.

I was fortunate enough to have John stay with me for an additional 4 months. In those 4 months, I strategized, talked sales with, and got to know John. He was a great resource for me and a great guy. Coming into an organization with a platform already mapped out and underway gave me a huge advantage. I was able to step in and drive sales immediately. Having John’s support was key to our immediate success. As for John’s CRM insight and knowledge, he took us through the process of mapping out the CRM process, choosing the CRM, and executing the integration plan.

I was set up for success from the beginning because John McLeod is a true all-around Sales Guy. Thank You, John.

Mike Gumiela

Chief Revenue Officer,  Data Clean