If your small to mid-sized business generates annual revenue between $3M and $75M, my services can help you improve sales and ramp those figures up.

What I do for you:

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Create A Sales Plan

A goal without a plan is a wish. I deal with action. So I start by building a sales plan specifically designed for the desired growth you’re looking for.

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Develop A Strategic Sales Process

Know where you’re going. But, equally important, know where you currently are. I create a strategic sales process that will improve your company’s sales performance and increase revenue.

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Sales Management Training

I guarantee that at the completion of our sales training, you will be in a much better place than you could ever be on your own.

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Sales Operations Development

If you’re reading this, your sales and revenue process probably isn’t growing your business. You may not even have a sales process in place. Think of me as the connective tissue between your sales functions and the rest of your organization.

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How to Find Your Best Customers

Understanding your company’s differentiated value is key to identifying your ideal target market. I help you zero in on the customers who need your products or services.

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Know Your Competition

It’s important to know your competition’s strengths as well as their weaknesses. Once you have that, we can design a winning plan of attack.

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Value Proposition Workshop

Who you are, the solutions you provide and the outcomes your ideal clients want. All things we will work on in your value proposition workshop.

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CRM Development & Optimization

Let me maximize the Customer Relationship Management tool you currently have or find one that works better for you (often the best solution). You must have a sales process in place to streamline the lead process and maximize your CRM investment.

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Identify the Right Sales Talent & Optimize for their Success

I have the resources and skills to identify the best candidates and optimize their success for your organization. You’d be surprised how often I find those skills in employees you already have.

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Sales Forecasting

Can you predict future revenue? Wouldn’t you love to? I put sales forecasting processes in place for you. Because guessing is never a growth strategy.


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Sales Growth

Always goal #1. Sustainable, repeatable, predictable sales growth.


Coming into an organization with a platform already mapped out and underway gave me a huge advantage. I was able to step in and drive sales immediately. Having John’s support was key to our immediate success.


Mike Gumiela

Chief Revenue Officer, Data Clean