The Process

Bring me in as a Fractional VP of Sales

John at client site

John McLeod on-site at RoboJob

“Good salespeople have targets and goals. And my goal is to make your salespeople not just good but outstanding.”

Tom Clesen and John in a greenhouse with poinsettias

Tim Clesen, President of Clesen Wholesale & John McLeod

The Problem

Small to mid-sized businesses struggling with sales usually do so because they have no sales process in place. No plan. No leadership training. No sales goals. No accountability. It’s not surprising that growth is underwhelming and sales figures are stagnant.

Sales Growth Solutions

Now the good news! I know exactly how to fix the problems you’re dealing with. And I do the work for you.

Bring me in as a Fractional VP of Sales.

As a sales management consultant with over 30 years of experience, I come into your company and act as your outsourced (or fractional) VP of Sales. As long as you need me.

Here’s how it works:

You hire me on a monthly retainer for a minimum of 4 months. During that time, I spend one day a week working with you on site. This is your “Anchor Day”. Then I’m available to you and on call during each week for consulting. Whatever you need.

What You Get

As a client, you get two deliverables:

1. A sales plan designed specifically for the desired growth you’re looking for. It begins with a thorough and intensive assessment. I look at your entire business to determine what kind of infrastructure is present. Do you have the right salespeople, accountability, marketing, CRM tools, KPI, go-to-market strategy? My goal is to get you to the place where you can either hire a great sales leader or, if the skills are there, promote someone talented from inside the company.

2. You also get me – your outsourced (or fractional) VP of Sales doing all the things an internal VP of Sales would do if you had one on staff. I build your sales plan and get that plan implemented into daily work habits.

Daily Habits

Sales is a habits profession. So, a key part of my process is what I call “daily habits”. I work with you and your sales team until all of the processes we’ve developed become daily habits – your weekly sales meetings are in place, weekly one-on-ones with salespeople, sales tools and automation are working and your entire sales team is driving towards goals.


Generally, after 4 months, your business is ready to move forward with the sales processes and plan I’ve put in place. Your sales team has targets and goals. Weekly meetings keep everyone on board. You have clear job descriptions if you need to hire more salespeople.

Some clients DO keep me on board longer, so if you need me, I stay. Actually, I’ve had a few clients who I’ve worked with for as long as a year.

We start by defining your specific goals.

John has fully exceeded every one of my expectations. He has helped our company expand strategically and has served as a valuable mentor and coach to our sales team throughout our growth. He is development-oriented and process centric and has helped us fully develop our sales & marketing strategies and CRM to ensure constant improvement. Above all, John’s work makes it clear that he is personally dedicated to the success of both our employees and our company. We now have a clear path to 3X growth by 2023!

Craig Zoberis

President, RoboJob-USA

Servant leadership is about wanting others to be successful and showing them how to get there.